Why Balance Point Was Founded

Like many revolutionary ideas, the idea behind Balance Point Divorce Funding was based on the personal experience of an individual who faced adversity with inadequate resources and resolved to do something about it. Stacey Napp’s own divorce provided her with the motivation and the background to help others going through a similar experience. She has proved that with the right resources, even the divorcing spouse who is least financially secure can achieve a truly equitable outcome.

A Personal Story

After 12 years of marriage, Ms. Napp and her (now) ex-husband began the divorce process. Her ex-husband was the primary breadwinner. Easy resolution proved impossible and litigation began. Soon Ms. Napp found herself in the midst of a costly, protracted process that seemed designed to deplete her resources and encourage her to give up and walk away.

To advance her case, she hired a top lawyer and a forensic accountant to unravel her husband’s business interests. It didn’t take long before the expenses of these professionals, as well as the living expenses for herself and her two small children, exceeded Ms. Napp’s financial resources. She had to borrow extensively from friends and family. Finally, after two years of litigation, a settlement was reached that supposedly represented an “equal” split of the marital assets.

Shortly afterward, however, Ms. Napp became aware that the final settlement was based on intentional material omissions. As a result, she sought to have the settlement set aside and reworked. Four more years of delay and litigation ensued. Hundreds of thousands of dollars of legal fees were incurred. Again, she had to turn to friends and family for financial help.

At the end of this process, Ms. Napp prevailed both in her settlement and in changing the laws in Arizona, where the case was tried. No longer do Arizona courts leave those who are victims of fraudulent or misrepresented divorce settlements without a remedy. Arizona now leads the country in ensuring equitable outcomes for divorcing spouses.

Helping Others Through Balance Point

Ms. Napp realized that her experience was all too common in divorce cases with substantial assets.

It was clear that Ms. Napp’s critical advantage in her own divorce was finding the necessary financial resources to retain highly skilled divorce professionals. Without these resources, she would have been like so many others who are worn down by the grueling and expensive litigation process, to the point that they fail to receive what they are entitled to under the law.

Once she received a judgment and payment from her ex-husband, she focused her resources, experience, and talents into crafting Balance Point—the first company to address the unique needs of those who are facing similar divorce dynamics.

Balance Point’s mission is to provide clients with the resources they need to achieve an equitable financial outcome, with as little disruption as possible to their lives and their families.

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